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I've been drawing on and off as long as I can remember. School was spent majoring in chaos and minoring in skipping so I've had no formal training; some tips here and there, a lot of practice and imagination (the biggest ingredient!) are my tools. Most of my pieces are simply pencil on paper, with a few diversions into oil pastel and ink. Although the unreal/surreal dominate I have done (and sold) pastel portraits of children and animals, with horses being my specialty. My studio is located in scenic (wink) Hamilton, Canada. I am happily divorced and live with a cat, my fish and a lot of plants.

My other work has included tattoo designs, wall murals, commercial logos.....I'll add these to the site as I collect the photos. My portfolio was destroyed 4 years ago so it's been a lot of tracking things down to find a pic at all! I'd love to one day illustrate a book, especially a fantasy/horror novel. If you like my work and are interested in having a piece done contact me by email. Eventually I'd like to add a guest gallery so email me those unknown masterpieces and they'll be added, with full credit to the artist. I have many more pages to add......eventually

This site has a great art section, I recommend "The Yellow Gallery". Hours of fun here.

You can paint online here or just check out the galleries. Some great art.

This is my radio station....heavy stuff. If you like Britney and Justin don't bother!