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This is my computer-rendered work. Most was created using "Photoshop" (as were the graphics on this site).

These pictures were done on Zewall using their own paint-type program.

These were done in Photoshop, my friend Menace wanted to do something different for her boyfriends birthday. Making the cover wasn't hard, sneaking his bike out of the garage WAS! So was taking topless pictures in a subdivision. Then I thought I'd do one of me for my guy, although getting THAT bike out of the garage wasn't gonna happen, I'm too short to reach the ground!

These pictures were done in Photoshop from scratch. I sometimes use it as a high-tech version of paint...doodling away and experimenting with the different effects. The piece here is titled "Burn"

Who needs a dragon-live in the moat and be your own dragon! This is a newer piece, the one to the right is one of my first computer attempts but I still like her.

That's it for now. I will continue updating when the mood strikes me so come back again sometime.....