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We all have our shed. Not a place but a place you can go to. Full of whatever you want. You escape the world there. But maybe I'm just looking through my dirty cracked window....


Click on an image to visit my galleries. Some are still under construction but will be completed soon.

Some of these pieces are available for purchase, I also accept commissions for original art, murals, tattoo designs, etc. *Website design also available* Email me with any inquiries you might have. I'd also like to receive your comments about my work or this site so sign my guestbook on the way.

Lately I have been getting a lot of people signing my guestbook just to insert their own links into it, selling all manner of crap. The Shedgirl here was not born yesterday and I am not very tolerant of this behaviour. I've always enjoyed receiving honest input from my visitors, any other activity will result in your entry being deleted and if I am bored I may go hack your site for the hell of it, so if that is your intent just surf on outta MY Shed! Fair warning, RT?

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