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These pictures are just a few of the tattoos I've designed for people....the few I have pictures of! The customer is always right, so I had to restrain myself (mostly) and be a little tamer than usual.

These are my tattoos, I designed the one on the left, the original picture is in gallery 1. The tattoo artist is Mike Austin of Custom Tattoo. The one on the right is from a flash sheet drawn by Al Hartshorn. The tattoo artist was Jim from Metal 'n' Ink right here in Hamilton. There is no reason to get a bad tattoo when there are people out there who know what they are doing so take the time to look at their work. Don't try to "cheap out", or be someone's practice dummy, you'll have it forever.

Can't find what you'd really like on the walls of your local shop? If you need a custom tattoo designed email me with your idea, we can work from there. Rates vary depending on the complexity of the piece. I'm also sporadically working on a set of flash sheets.